Established by the United Nations in 1989, World Population Day is commemorated annually on July 11. With the global population growing by over 80 million people each year, World Population Day seeks to increase global awareness and education regarding population issues—including family planning, maternal and child health, gender equality, and human rights—around the world. Rapid population growth poses immense challenges to poverty alleviation, environmental sustainability, and women’s health and empowerment. With the 8 billion milestone quickly approaching, (the UN projects we’ll get there in 2023), we must invest in fully funding family planning for everyone around the world who wants it.

As the world continues to grabble with the COVID-19 pandemic, this year’s World Population Day theme is focused on the importance of reproductive health and rights for all people. A so-called “population bust”  of falling fertility rates in wealthier countries has been generating alarmist news headlines—which we content is a good thing. Fertility decline and slowing population growth present opportunities to improve the health and wellbeing of countless individuals. On a national level, this allows the U.S. to reduce climate-changing emissions, lift people out of poverty, close the inequality gap, and protect our country’s—and our planet’s—natural resources for future generations.

The alarms over a “population decline”—which is nowhere near happening at the U.S. or at global level—would be a boon to everyone’s quality of life and extremely beneficial to the natural world. Of course, there will be challenges to how economies are structured in countries where fertility rates do slow, but those challenges are far easier to address than the permanent environmental tipping points that humanity is already beginning to breach and that we’ll only exceed more frequently as the world population continues to grow.

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“Advancing Climate and Poverty Solutions Through Equitable Change”
Kristen Patterson, Director, Drawdown Lift

Project Drawdown’s new initiative, Drawdown Lift aims to simultaneously address climate change and alleviate extreme poverty through the advancement of interdisciplinary solutions-based approaches for low and middle-income countries. During her presentation, Kristen will delve into the important role of equity in health and education as climate solutions and poverty alleviation.

Date: Thursday, July 8th
Time: 2pm ET/11am PT








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Book Club:
Countdown: Our Last, Best Hope for a Future on Earth

By Alan Weisman

Join us for our next “Page Turners” book club discussion! Author Alan Weisman’s latest book highlights the importance of shrinking our collective human footprint to avoid driving any more species—including our own—to extinction.



Date: Wednesday, July 14th
Time: 4pm ET/1pm PT








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