The Demographic Facts of Life

World United States
Population 7.2 billion 320 million
Population Density (people per sq. kilometer) 51 32
Median Age 29 37
Population Increase (per year) 82 million 2.7 million
Population Growth Rate 1.15% 0.85%
Doubling Time 61 years 82 years
Total Fertility Rate 2.5 1.8
Births per 1,000 Women 15-19 52 27
Life Expectancy 67 (male), 71 (female) 75 (male), 80 (female)
Births Per Year 135.8 million 4.4 million
Infant Mortality Rate (infant deaths per 1,000 live births) 42 6.5
Total Dependency Ratio 52 50
Child Dependency Ratio 41 30
Elderly Dependency Ratio 12 20
Projected Population, 2050 9.6 billion 403 million
Urban Population 50% 79%
Married Women Using Modern Contraception 55% 73%
Metric Tons of Annual CO2 Emissions per capita  4.1 19


Median Age: Age that divides the population in two parts of equal size; that is, there are as many persons with ages above the median as there are with ages below the median.

Doubling Time: The number of years it would take for a population to double in size at its present rate of growth. It is calculated by dividing a country’s growth rate into the number 70.

Total Fertility Rate: The average number of children a hypothetical women would have at the end of her reproductive years, based on current age-specific fertility rates.

Dependency Ratio: The total dependency ratio is the ratio of the sum of the population aged 0-14 and that aged 65+ to the population aged 15-64. The child dependency ratio is the ratio of the population aged 0-14 to the population aged 15-64. The old-age dependency ratio is the ratio of the population aged 65 years or overto the population aged 15-64. All ratios are presented as number of dependents per 100 persons of working age (15-64).

Urban Population: Population living in areas classified as urban according to the criteria used by country.

Metric Tons of Annual CO2 Emissions per capita: The amount of CO2 in metric tons produced or emitted per person. Figures shown include carbon dioxide produced through fuel combustion.

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