Obama’s FY16 Budget

Continued Investments in Family Planning, Reproductive Health

On February 2, President Obama released his proposed budget for 2016, and it continues to call for healthy investments in family planning and reproductive health both here at home and around the world.

On the international side, the President proposes a slight increase in funding for family planning programs in the developing world, to $612.6 million, with $35 million earmarked for the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA). While we hoped for a larger request, it’s unlikely that any real increase would have been agreed upon by the current Congress. And, quite frankly, we’re pleased that the White House is proposing an increase of any amount at this time.

On the domestic side, the President was bolder. He’s proposing a $14 million increase—to $300 million—for the Title X low-income family planning program. Moreover, he is calling for $10 million in additional support for comprehensive, evidence-based sex education while proposing the elimination of abstinence-only funding.

This budget faces a challenging road ahead with some in Congress already blasting it, but we’ll be working with our loyal friends and supporters to defend these investments over the coming months.

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