Earth Day Challenge

Earth Day Challenge Day 21: DOUBLE your impact!

Today we invite you to join us in our Earth Day Matching Gift Challenge!  To celebrate Earth Day, long-time member and educator JoAnne Miller will double all gifts up to $6,000 in memory of her husband, Lincoln Miller. Together, the Millers joined Population Connection in 1970, and used PopEd materials in their classrooms for many […]

Earth Day Challenge Day 20: Write a letter to the editor!

Today we’re asking you to send a letter to the editor of your local newspaper. Find a relevant article to respond to, and share your thoughts on how  population growth, environmental preservation, or reproductive rights relate back to the original article. For resources on how to write or submit a letter to the editor, visit […]

Earth Day Challenge Day 18: Do a PopEd activity!

Population Education, a program of Population Connection, is dedicated to training thousands of teachers each year to use our unique curriculum materials that teach students about human population trends and their impacts on natural resources, environmental quality, and human well being. PopEd’s work provides valuable resources for educators to train new generations about these important […]

Earth Day Challenge Day 17: Sign the petition to pass the Global HER Act

With Trump’s more expansive Global Gag Rule, clinics around the world are being penalized and losing funds for providing comprehensive information and services legal within their own countries. Vulnerable communities are now experiencing immense barriers trying to access important health care services. To rally against Trump’s Global Gag Rule, sign our #Fight4Her petition to pass […]

Earth Day Challenge Day 16: Join a Conference Call with John Seager

Join us at 12:30PT/3:30ET today to hear a talk by our President and CEO, John Seager. John will lead an in-depth conversation about the root cause of this pandemic—as well as climate change, another global crisis that we can’t address unless we get serious about stopping population growth. Sign up by filling out the form […]

Earth Day Challenge Day 15: Reduce Food Waste!

Today we’re challenging you to think about how you can reduce food waste in your household. As we learned from our earlier #PCEarthDay challenge on composting, organic waste takes up about a third of our landfill space. In 2017, the EPA estimated Americans generated 40.7 million tons of food waste! To reduce how much food […]

Earth Day Challenge Day 13: “Upcycle” Something at Home!

Today’s #PCEarthDay Challenge is a crafty one! Find something you no longer use and repurpose it into something useful! Here are some ideas: Turn an old t-shirt into a reusable bag, convert cereal boxes into file folders (pictured below), or use mason jars as planters. Check out the links below for some more  “upcycling” ideas.  […]

Earth Day Challenge Day 12: Find Your Pop Number!

Today, we’re asking you to check out the #MyPopActivity and see  where you fit into our world of 7.8 billion people! After you do, share your number on social media to start a conversation about population growth. You can also email us your number at .Find your number here!

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