Our 2021 Summer Series has wrapped up. Thank you to all our members and supporters for engaging with us all summer long for presentations from experts in the fields of conservation, reproductive health care, and reproductive rights! Recordings of the presentations are available to view below.

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Event Line-Up



The Role of Social and Gender Inclusion in Integrated Health and Conservation Work” with World Wildlife Fund

Join us for a presentation with social and gender inclusion expert, Nathalie Simoneau of the World Wildlife Fund. During her talk, she will discuss her role in incorporating social policies into WWF’s global programs in addition to touching on various projects she’s been involved with using the PHE framework.

View the recording, presentation slides, and answers from the Q&A here




Virtual Screening and Discussion of 8 Billion Angels

To commemorate this year’s Earth Overshoot Day, we hosted a virtual screening and discussion on the documentary, 8 Billion AngelsBuilding off of Earth Overshoot’s key messages, 8 Billion Angels is an incredible feature film that highlights rapid population growth’s role in our environmental crises. With humanity consuming resources at a rate that vastly exceeds nature’s ability to supply them, Earth Overshoot Day and 8 Billion Angels play an important role in raising awareness about the true conflict with a swelling population and the sustainability of our planet.

Visit the 8 Billion Angels website to view the film or learn more about the documentary


Advancing Climate and Poverty Solutions Through Equitable Change with Project Drawdown

Project Drawdown’s new initiative, Drawdown Lift aims to simultaneously address climate change and alleviate extreme poverty through the advancement of interdisciplinary solutions-based approaches for low and middle-income countries. During her presentation, Kristen will delve into the important role of equity in health and education as climate solutions, as well as poverty alleviation.

View the recording of Kristen’s talk along with additional resources here


Population Connection “Page Turners” Book Club

Enjoy reading? Passionate about population dynamics and its impacts on our environment? Then tune in for our book club meetings! Our July meeting focused on Alan Weisman’s Countdown: Our Last, Best Hope for a Future on Earth. Weisman’s book highlights the importance of shrinking our collective human footprint to avoid driving any more species – including our own – to extinction.

More information on how you can attend our book club meetings is available here 





Climate, Environment, and the Rights of Women and Girls with Transition Earth

Karen Gaia Pitts, Project Coordinator for Transition Earth and founder of the Maasai Harmonial Development and Sustainability project, will discuss how the program focuses on the use of community-based solutions to enhance conservation practices, build resilient communities, and improve the health and well-being of local villagers. In addition, Joshua Mirondo, Transition Earth volunteer and Communications Team member at Reproductive Health Uganda, will share his on-the-ground experiences as a reproductive health trainer and peer educator.

View the recording, presentation slides, and additional resources here

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