2015 Annual Report



Meeting the challenge of population growth is part of a social movement. It has an arc that extends over generations and even centuries. No one understands that better than Population Connection’s members and supporters. As a population activist, you think broadly and globally about issues of justice and rights and the future. You know that there are no quick fixes for a problem of such monumental proportions, but I can report that we’re making progress.

Although we’re still adding a billion people every dozen years, both the rate of population growth and the total fertility rate (TFR) have been declining since the late 1960s.

Couples don’t need to be convinced to have smaller families—they need the means to do so. In fact, if all women, everywhere, were able to have each of their children when they wanted, global TFR would decline to replacement level, if not dip below. That’s where you come in.

Your support last year allowed us to reach three million young people in the U.S. with Population Education materials to inform the next generation of policy makers, leaders, parents, and consumers about the impacts of population growth on our world. You helped bring 200 motivated activists to our signature lobbying event in Washington, D.C., last year to advocate for U.S. family planning programs at home and abroad. We did this, and much more, together.

Thank you for supporting our mission to stabilize world population. And for sharing our vision of a better, safer, less-crowded world: where every child is wanted. Where every woman chooses her own trajectory in life. And where our planet’s limited natural resources are protected for future generations.

We will get there—and I know this because you’re making it happen. Thank you.


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John Seager



Population Connection’s signature advocacy event unites activists of all ages and backgrounds for a weekend of workshops and lobbying in Washington, D.C. Your support offers meaningful learning experiences for advocates and inspires their activism for the weekend and beyond.Jenn Chow_1bw


Jenn Chow attended her first-ever Capitol Hill Days as a Lehigh University sophomore in 2011. Those three days in Washington, D.C., would set in motion the trajectory of her professional career, first as a Congressional intern and now as a staff member for the Council on Undergraduate Research.

Capitol Hill Days fanned the flames of her interest in lobbying, and she now meets with her legislators on a regular basis. Thanks to her work advocating for women’s rights and her commitment to becoming more involved in the political process, she secured an internship with Rep. Alan Lowenthal (D-CA 47) in his Long Beach, CA, office in 2014.

Jenn returns to Capitol Hill Days every year and continues to lobby for funding and policies to increase access to reproductive health care, including family planning and safe abortion. She wants to inspire the next wave of activists.

Each year, Jenn looks forward to connecting with other passionate advocates, inspiring new participants to raise their voices in support of issues they care about, and forging lasting connections with different legislative offices and Capitol Hill staffers. “The entire event is a powerful opportunity to voice the need for reproductive rights and serves as a reminder that there are like-minded individuals who want to make the world a better place,” she says.

“Without Capitol Hill Days I would never have made a truly national network of friends who are just as passionate about saving the world and fighting for reproductive rights around the world as I am. I cannot thank Population Connection’s donors enough for the opportunity to return to D.C., for five years to feed my passion for changing the world and empowering women.”
—Jenn Chow







From left to right: Daniel Saldivar-Salas; Michael Mbagwu;
Rep. Danny Davis, D/IL-07,
and a staffer for Congressman Davis








See a recap of 2015’s Capitol Hill Days, as told through the social media posts of our attendees.



You and a volunteer network of more than 500 teacher trainers sustain our acclaimed Population Education (PopEd) program. The only nationwide program of its kind, PopEd develops timely and engaging K-12 curricular materials and offers teachers professional training to inspire students to tackle the global challenge of human population growth.


In just a few short years, Jerry Zinner has personally trained hundreds of new educators to implement PopEd in their classrooms. An adjunct professor in the Watson School of Education at University of North Carolina, Wilmington, he discovered PopEd after hosting a workshop in his Elementary Science Methods class in 2009. He became a trainer shortly thereafter, joining the ranks of more than 500 teacher trainers devoting their time to bringing the population message into classrooms.

I love doing [PopEd] workshops…I’ve been very fortunate to have had positive workshops that both grads and undergrads enjoy. It’s hands-on and minds-on, the participants… are involved, and the resources are teaching concepts that are so important—maybe now more important than ever.
—Jerry Zinner

Jerry Zinner on a faculty-led field experience in Malawi, Summer 2015



2015 World of 7 Billion Student Video Contest Winners

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The World is in The Midst of a Sixth Mass Extinction


What Will Happen to Us?

Katherine Selley and Catherine Knox
Broadneck High School, Annapolis, MD

Most of The World’s Suitable Farmland is Already Under Cultivation


Our Future Food Demand

Madison Bernier
First Colonial High School, Virginia Beach, VA

Worldwide 1 in 10 Primary School Age Children and 1 in 3 Secondary Age Children are not Enrolled in School

What Would You Sacrifice for an Education?

Andrew Schwenn
Coppell High School, Coppell, TX



The Helms Amendment prevents the United States from helping women in dire circumstances access safe, legal abortion services. Since 1973, it has been wrongly interpreted as an outright ban on funding for safe abortion. In fact, the amendment technically only bans funding for abortion as a method of family planning. With your help, Population Connection and Population Connection Action Fund are shining a light on Helms’ devastating impacts on women and urging our nation’s leaders to fix this destructive policy.


*Wandolyn was brutally gang raped by Congolese soldiers. She developed severe infections from her injuries and sought medical help. It was there she learned she was pregnant. Severely traumatized by the rape, Wandolyn rejected her baby girl for months and later spent nine months in a mental hospital to try to deal with the trauma.

I was so sad about my pregnancy. I didn’t know what to do. I preferred dying than remaining with that pregnancy as days went by.

“I delivered a baby girl. They brought the baby to I didn’t even like to hear about that baby. I didn’t even like to see that baby as I considered it the source of my misery and suffering. I said I wouldn’t even look at that baby.

“They had to ask other women in maternity to give some milk from their breasts to the baby. After two months the doctors called me and told me they were tired of asking milk for the baby. They asked me to take the baby. I said no. I was suffering a lot when seeing the baby.

Unfortunately, Wandolyn’s story is no exception. Thousands of rape survivors in the developing world live without access to safe abortion and suffer the long-term consequences of giving birth to their rapists’ children. Many women seek unsafe abortions, and 47,000 of them lose their lives every year. That is 129 women every day.

Together, we are breaking down barriers to safe abortion worldwide.

* Her name has been changed.


Women demonstrate against rape in Bardhaman, India.© 2014 Nimai Chandra Ghosh, Courtesy of Photoshare


Supporters like you amplify Population Connection’s messages on global population growth. You’re contributing your time and resources, sparking conversations, distributing population resources, and more. You’re part of a movement, half a million strong! We thank you wholeheartedly for your generosity.


As a professor of molecular biology at the University of California, San Diego, Milton incorporates population growth into his course “Human Impact on the Environment,” where he distributes Population Connection magazines and frequently invites Population Connection President John Seager to lecture, enlightening hundreds of students each year with population concepts. Milton sponsors the student group “Human and Earth Rights Organization,” or HERO, inspiring these student leaders to reach out to the community and local schools with messages on population growth and the environment. Supporters since 2002, Milton and Jeanne Saier offer core program support through the President’s Circle.

I concluded that the primary problem facing mankind was the environment, and the environmental problems we face in large measure are due to our huge and increasing human population.
—Milton Saier


Dick Bennett, Professor Emeritus at the University of Arkansas, has dedicated much of his life to encouraging young people to think critically about the state of our world. Dick established a fund at Population Connection to raise awareness in Arkansas about global population growth by sponsoring Population Education teacher training workshops and by bringing university students to advocate on Capitol Hill during our annual Capitol Hill Days event. Dick has long recognized the link between population growth and other issues that concern him, from peacemaking, to social justice, to global warming. He joined Population Connection in 2014 and enrolled in the President’s Circle last year.

I am very concerned about global warming. Population growth is one of the greatest, most neglected reasons for global warming. I also support equality for all women, and protection for all women and children through organizations like Population Connection, which are devoted to trying to make sure that women have FULL choice in what their lives are to be like.
—Dick Bennett


A writer, producer, and sustainability consultant in Los Angeles, Cyndi joined Population Connection in 2000 and became a member of the President’s Circle in 2015. Cyndi served as a volunteer judge for PopEd’s “World of 7 Billion” Student Video Contest, an annual event garnering thousands of student entries from around the country and world. “Some of the kids clearly have a passion for this issue—they are so impressive and inspiring,” she said. “I hope the contest made a strong impression on them and will inform their work and life decisions. I feel privileged to be associated with all of your dedicated activists!”

As a lifelong environmentalist, I feel great concern around the future of our Earth and its resilience in the face of our ever-increasing exploitation of its resources. Thanks to my association with Population Connection, I have been able to further my exploration of how this issue is inextricably connected to overpopulation.
—Cyndi Hubach


Members since 1994, Dorothy and Andy Leong contributed appreciated stock inherited from Andy’s beloved Aunt Rebecca to establish a Charitable Gift Annuity with Population Connection. We are grateful to the Leongs and recognize them as new members of The ZPG Society in 2015.

“We invested in our own future as retirees, and also in the future of our society and our precious planet. It feels very good to see this happen while we are alive.”
—Dorothy Leong


Schedule of Activities For The Year Ended December 31, 2015

Unrestricted Revenue

Contributions: $7,846,518
Other revenue: $268,476
Investment income: $79,829
Contributed services: $301,000
Net assets released from donor restrictions: $53,000
Total unrestricted revenue: $8,548,823


Program Services:

Government Relations: $805,142
Communications: $2,631,833
Population Education: $1,542,520
Field and Outreach: $793,350
Membership Services: $1,161,803
Total program services: $6,934,648

Supporting Services:

Fundraising: $635,128
General and Administrative: $311,808
Total supporting services: $946,936

Total expenses: $7,881,584






Amy Dickson
Senior Vice President of Clinical Operations,
Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains

Duff G. Gillespie, PhD
Professor and Senior Scholar, Johns Hopkins
Bloomberg School of Public Health

Padgett Kelly, PhD
Professor, Middle Tennessee
State University

Anna Lawson, PhD

Sacheen Nathan, MD, MPH
Obstetrics and Gynecology,
Jackson Women’s Health Organization

Dara Purvis, JD
Assistant Professor of Law, Penn State Law


Estelle Raboni, MPH, MCHES
Director, New York City Teens Connection, NYC
Department of Health and Mental Hygiene

Tom Sawyer
Ohio State Senator (D), Former Member of
U.S. House of Representatives

J. Joseph Speidel, MD, MPH
Professor, Bixby Center for Global
Reproductive Health, University of California,
San Francisco

Carol Vlassoff, PhD
Adjunct Professor, Department of Epidemiology
and Community Medicine, University of Ottawa

Jo Lynne Whiting
Consultant, Former Executive of F100 Company

Hania Zlotnik, PhD
Former Director, UN Population Division

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