Is Population Connection Pro-Choice?


When I’m standing in front of Planned Parenthood in Portland, Maine, where I’m a patient escort, the protesters go on and on about sexual immorality and not punishing babies conceived in sin (fornication), etc. If a woman has been raped, she should carry her attacker’s fetus to term and give the baby up for adoption. Same if the pregnancy is the result of incest. And if her or her fetus’s health or even life are in jeopardy, she should carry to term and put her trust in God that He will deliver a miracle. When a woman—who happens to be the author of a memoir about her late-term abortion—passed by the clinic and asked protesters what she should have done when she found out at 20 weeks that her fetus had genetic defects that would cause it to die a painful death shortly after delivery, this is what they told her: Trust in Jesus Christ. These self-righteous picketers seem convinced they alone have a direct pipeline to divine knowledge.

Now, it’s one thing for religious zealots who have nothing better to do on a Friday morning than to stand outside in often-terrible weather for hours (with their homeschooled children in tow, I might add), harassing patients who are often already feeling pretty lousy. It’s quite another for the United States government or any state government to pass legislation that aligns with their myopic worldview.

What it comes down to is this: Population Connection doesn’t believe that anyone is more of an expert on any individual woman’s life than she is herself, or that the government should exert false authority over women’s bodies by making the most personal decisions for them. The government certainly shouldn’t take it upon itself to punish women for “sexual immorality” or for being in the wrong place at the wrong time, as so many politicians are wont to do.

When anti-choice people (including politicians) find themselves in need of abortion services—sometimes from the very doctors they scream at from the picket line—they say their situation is different and that they made an exception for themselves because of the unique burden an unplanned pregnancy and birth would create for them. The reality is, no situation is unique.

And at the same time, every situation is unique. We can’t presume to know what goes on in the lives and minds of anyone besides ourselves.

Politicians don’t have to agree with every constituent’s personal choices, but they do have to abide by the United States Constitution, and that document guarantees citizens the right to personal privacy through the Ninth Amendment. Pregnancy and its continuation or termination is the most private of all matters, and it belongs far outside any government’s lawful domain.

4 thoughts on “Is Population Connection Pro-Choice?

  1. It’s a fantasy to think that being born into this world at this time is a blessing. Terminating a pregnancy can be a compassionate reversal of an undeserved “life sentence”.

    • All of human history is full of war, disease, hate, racism, and–just like now–amazingly caring, loving, productive human activity. Now, like any other time, is a good time to have children IF YOU WANT TO HAVE CHILDREN and have the means to properly care for them.

  2. I agree that if somebody is raped they should still carry the baby to full term and let that child perhaps become somebody of great importance and perhaps a positive role for other people. I don’t think anybody should have the choice of killing an individual that can’t speak for itself. on the other side of the coin if you know that the child is completely brain dead or some other birth defect that is terminal then I would say yes I would allow it.. but if a parent just seems to say oops I had a good night of sex and now I can’t afford to have this child I’m just going to go ahead and kill it then no you should not have the right to kill that child give it to somebody that cannot bear children.

    • There are many reasons that pregnant people choose abortion that go beyond your glib description here. The decision about whether to carry a pregnancy to term should be in the hands of the person who is pregnant, full stop.

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