Help Population Connection work with U.S. leaders to fully fund international family planning programs.


Your action today will help determine whether our future world population will stabilize at just over 9 billion people . . . or soar past 15 billion.

Support Population Connection family planning efforts

Every week our global population grows by 1.6 million people — that's like adding another Philadelphia to our planet every seven days. Nearly all of that growth is happening in the poorest parts of the world, where resources are scarce.

A woman in the West African country of Niger can expect to have seven children over her lifetime. Just 1 in 20 married Nigerien women uses modern contraception—while 1 in 6 would like to avoid pregnancy but lacks access to birth control.

An estimated 225 million women across the developing world don't want another baby right now but lack access to modern contraception. This shortfall places their health and their families' well-being at risk, as limited resources are stretched to the brink.

That's why Population Connection is working with family planning champions in Congress to invest $1 billion toward international family planning programs — and we need your support to make our efforts successful.

Our world population has doubled since 1970. In this 40-year span, human population growth has contributed to the loss of a third of global biodiversity. If we continue the current trend of wildlife habitat destruction, half of all plant and animal species could go extinct by the end of the century.

We're tackling a staggering challenge—but it's not insurmountable. This problem is not about raw numbers. It's about individual lives. It's about ensuring that women have access to family planning.

Your contribution today will help Population Connection to advocate for universal, affordable access to birth control, to educate tomorrow's leaders about global population challenges, and to mobilize Americans who care about stabilizing population.

Together, we can achieve a sustainable balance between people and our planet.

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