Pathways to Population Stabilization and a Healthy U.S. Economy
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An Aging Europe in Decline

In ageing Japanese village, dolls take place of dwindling population

Japan’s birth rate problem is way worse than anyone imagined

Turkey Unveils Plan for More Babies, Offers Incentives to Parents


Demography: The vanishing Japanese

Japan’s ageing population could actually be good news

Is Japan’s aging population a good thing?

Asia’s Aging Population Will Be a Topic at Davos

Cynthia Tucker: Immigrants help aging nation

Could Economy be Based on Something Other than Growth?

Demography, growth and inequality: Age invaders

Fear of Economic Blow as Births Drop Around World

How America can overcome the challenges of an aging population

Needing Skilled Workers, a Booming Germany Woos Immigrants

Economic Abundance With Shrinking Population: Why Not?

Are our low birthrates and aging population threatening the economy?

Germans must make more babies: IFO


Germany’s Downward Trend

Things Are Tough All Over

A California Drought: Not Enough Children

About That Overpopulation Problem

Medicare’s cost controls can’t control an aging population

Overcrowding? Nah — the World’s Population May Actually Be Declining

The Impact of Baby Boomers Working Past 65

Declining birthrate poses challenge to California’s future

Singapore Announces S$2 Billion Package to Increase Population

America’s Baby Bust

Jonathan Last on America’s Baby Bust

A ‘baby bust’

‘Baby Bust’ Baloney

The Baby Bust: Is Having Kids Now a ‘Social Failure’?

Does An Aging Population Hurt The Economy?

An Aging Population May Be What the World Needs

What Can We Do About America’s Baby Bust?

US Population Trends Affecting Business: Aging Nation

A Closer Look at What’s Behind Birthrate Decline Scares

As U.S. birth rate drops, concern for the future mounts

Peter Day talks with the prominent investment manager Jeremy Grantham about managing progress in a world of finite resources

Where Have All the Babies Gone?

Treating an increasingly graying America

Japanese politician wants to boost the national birthrate by banning abortion

Desperate Hunt for Day Care in Japan

The false-alarmists behind this shrinking population panic

Decline in birth rates breeds future worry, author says

L.A. population will be much older, more settled, study says

Census shows record 1 in 3 US counties are dying

Debate: As the UK’s Aging Population Drains the Public Purse, Should We Raise the Retirement Age to 70?

Census shows record 1 in 3 US counties are dying

The Global Economy Is A Giant Ponzi Scheme

S&P: Age-Related Spending Reforms Help Restore Sovereign Fiscal Sustainability; Emerging Markets Not Immune To Aging Pressure

Declining birth rate in some major economies shows signs of easing

White House Fact Sheet on Economics of Immigration Reform

Will Baby Boomers Drag Down Growth?

The False Alarm Over U.S. Fertility

Recession-hit Greece faces fertility crisis

Population drop in Spain a bad omen for Europe

How aging population deepens Europe’s economic woes

Women need to plan for a longer post-work life than men

Germany struggles with skilled labor shortage, shrinking population

Column: When aging provides a business opportunity

Census Shows New Drop in Germany’s Population

Editorial: What’s Next for Social Security?

Is an Aging Workforce Less Productive?

Germany fights losing battle with low birthrate

Portugal’s birthrate plummeting, a sign of more economic trouble ahead

Aging Population Makes 3% Growth a Tall Order

Global Study: World Not Ready for Aging Population

The Great Growth Disconnect: Population Growth Does Not Equal Economic Growth

China’s Going To Get Old Before It Gets Rich

Turning Points 2014: Do I Dare to Eat a Peach?

Greece’s Dismal Demographics

Japan’s Diaper Shift and Global Population Trends

Unprepared: The World Braces For Retirement Crisis

China to triple compensation for parents losing only child

Facing labor shortage, China raising retirement age


Europeans (Especially Italy And Greece) Experience Population Decline – Lower Fertility Rates Will Translate Into Shrinking Economies

Vladimir Putin vows to reverse Russian population decline

Gray Nation: The Very Real Economic Dangers of an Aging America

Japan Shrinks

Seeking Happiness on a Finite and Human-Shaped Planet

The Coming Global Worker Dearth

Fewer Workers: A Drag On U.S. Growth

How to Stop a Slow-Motion Disaster: Learning to Live With Global Aging

Incredible Shrinking Country

Ukraine’s Population in Rapid Decline

What’s Really Behind Europe’s Decline? It’s The Birth Rates, Stupid

The World’s Richest Countries And Biggest Economies, In 2 Graphics

Baby Gap: How to Boost Birthrates and Avoid Demographic Decline

Singapore’s Demographic Winter

Demographic trends favor U.S., if we do things right

If our population doesn’t grow, the economy stalls

Baby monitor

Record low number of babies born in Japan

Skilled Work, Without the Worker

Does U.S. Population Bust Spell Fiscal Doom?

A Youthful Populace Helps Make the Philippines an Economic Bright Spot in Asia

We can’t grow ourselves out of debt, no matter what the Federal Reserve does

Rise in China’s Aging Poses Challenge to Beijing

Cuba Faces Challenge of Aging Population

Young People Caretaking in an Aging Cuba

Ageing China: Changes and challenges

Explaining the baby bust

Canada’s dwindling birthrate and aging population to hurt economy: expert

Aging population poses long-term challenges to U.S. economy

Aging Asia and That Competitiveness Thing

Boomer Solution to Retirement Shortfall: Work Longer

Report: NH going through economic shift

An Aging Population Is an Opportunity More Than a Problem

The Gray Tsunami

Elderly are growing share of population in nations rich and poor

World must work out how to cope with aging, UN says

UN urges protection for elderly as world grays

UN report calls for action to fulfill potential of ageing global population

Ageing population needs urgent action by governments, society-report

Population: the future is caring

Live long and prosper? UN report says we need to act now

Study: When Baby-Boomers refuse to retire, they aren’t stealing jobs from younger workers

Asia’s Aging Populations Pose New Challenges for Region’s Economies

No More Industrial Revolutions?

Wall Touts Population Growth as Means to Economic Growth

Cuts to baby bonus could slow economy

Megatrends: The World’s Aging Population

Colorado’s graying could mean less green for state economy

Congratulations, Mr. President — Now Lead!

Portugal’s birth rate falls by a FIFTH after cash-strapped country introduces austerity measures

Slower Growth Seen in a Graying World

Aging population set to sideswipe Canada’s small businesses

Economic outlook: Groping for growth

Older Populations Are a Fact of Life for Many Countries

U.S. birthrate plummets to its lowest level since 1920

U.S. birthrate falls to record low, report says

More Babies, Please

Don’t Mention The Decadence

Our Demographic Decline

Why a Falling Birth Rate Is a Big Problem

Santorum: U.S. Needs Immigrants To Grow Its Population

The Baby Boom Bump

Longer Lives, Lower Incomes for Japanese Women

Without Babies, Can Japan Survive?

The Baby Bust Generation

America’s Baby Boom And Baby Bust Cities

Will retiring boomers be a drag on economy? Many say no


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