Making the Population Connection this Earth Day

Preserving our beautiful planet has been central to Population Connection’s mission since it was founded as Zero Population Growth in 1968. Our members know that every single environmental challenge — including climate change — is made more difficult by a continually growing population.

Earth Day is this Saturday, April 22, and Population Connection members and staff will be celebrating our planet with events and activities all across the country! John Seager, President and CEO of Population Connection, will be a guest speaker at the following college campuses:

  • Lenoir-Rhyne University—Hickory and Asheville campuses on April 18 and 19, respectively. Find information here.
  • State University of New York—College of Environmental Science and Forestry on April 21. Find information here.

John’s talks are just a small sample of our activities making the link between population and the environment throughout this week. See a full rundown here!

Interested in learning more about human population and the environment? Explore the links below for in-depth information about everything from resource depletion to endangered wildlife.

Magazine Articles

Uganda’s Mountain Gorillas and Their Human Neighbors

Human Population Boom Remains Largest Threat to Africa’s Lions

California Drought Tests History of Endless Growth

State’s Population Growth Expected to Outstrip Water Conservation in Coming Years

A Thirsty, Violent World

The Disaster We’ve Wrought on the World’s Oceans May Be Irrevocable

The Oceans After Rachel Carson


Fact Sheets

Caught in the Crosshairs: Wildlife Faces the Population Challenge

Demographic Facts of Life

Fishing for a Solution to the Population Problem

Population: 7 Billion

Population and Climate Change: A Clear Link

Population and Meat Consumption

Seeing the Forest for the Trees: Population and Deforestation

Ten Population and Environment Connections

The Perfect Disaster: Man vs. Nature

The Thirsty Billion: Population growth and access to fresh water

Unsustainable Suburban Sprawl

Wildlife Feeling the Population Squeeze


Blog Posts

Add Another to the List: Giraffes are Now Facing the Consequences of Human Population

How Population Growth Has Exacerbated California’s Water Crisis

Why Human Population Growth is the Biggest Threat to African Lions

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