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Due to the risks during the COVID-19 pandemic, our Membership Engagement team will continue to refrain from hosting any in-person events. Although we can’t gather in person, we’ve updated this page with additional resources for you to expand your knowledge on issues important to our organization’s mission as well as virtual events we’ll be organizing.

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Speaker Series

We have some great staff speakers who would love to present to your group, club, or classroom—virtually, or in person once it’s again safe to congregate.

During quarantine, we have begun offering conference calls and webinars as a benefit to members, to give you an inside look into our work and mission-affirming interest in issues related to population concerns. The first two presentations are with John Seager, Population Connection President and CEO, and with Hannah Evans, Communications Manager. Future speakers will include friends and partners from outside the organization as well.

This archive will grow with time, as we will add new presentations when they become available. Enjoy!

Note: The audio in John’s presentation scrambles for a bit a couple minutes in (working from home has its tech challenges)—please skip ahead and continue listening!

Zoom presentation by Hannah Evans, Population Connection Communications Manager

Zoom presentation by Drs. Rodrigo Barillas and Michelle Dubon of WINGS Guatemala

Zoom presentation by Dr. Gladys Kalema-Zikusoka of Conservation Through Public Health


“Population and Climate Change” course

During the month of August, Communications Manager Hannah Evans held weekly presentations exploring the intersections of population dynamics and climate change. These four sessions were meant to give participants a deeper understanding of how population growth relates to global issues such as climate justice, reproductive health, environmental justice, zoonotic disease outbreaks, sustainable development, and more!

This is an introduction to population studies, particularly useful for anyone interested in volunteering with Population Connection in the future.

For more information on the course, including recordings of each presentation, recommended readings, and answers from the live Q+A sessions, please visit the course main page.

Meet Our Members

Paula Grande and Middy Streeter

Paula Grande and Middy Streeter are long-time Population Connection members and volunteers. Through their passion for traveling the world, they have seen firsthand the effects of overpopulation on the environment. Some of their favorite places to visit include Brazil, France, Morocco, Spain, and Vietnam. They’ve even picked up a few languages along the way, including Portuguese, French, and Spanish!

Paula and Middy say this about themselves: “We are not the people who will sit back and do nothing. We have to do something.” They recognize the importance of volunteering and how volunteers can make a difference in people’s lives. “You have to make an effort in this world, and it’s a way to feel a little bit better about the future, too,” says Middy. They want to encourage everyone to volunteer their time, advising: “The key is never [to] minimize your contribution no matter how small it appears.”

Read more about Paula and Middy, and meet other members!

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Membership Relations Staff

Stephanie Wolfe
Membership Relations Assistant
(202) 974-7732

Ever since Stephanie realized how much humans were impacting the environmental wellbeing of our planet, she knew she wanted to spend her time protecting it for future generations. She made the connection over time, noticing how technological innovation, mass production, and depletion of resources skyrocketed to match rapid population growth over the past century. Population Connection’s human rights approach to this issue resonated with Stephanie as she eagerly joined the Membership Relations Team earlier this year. She looks forward to helping facilitate meaningful experiences for members as they make the connection themselves and with others in their communities.

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