Four Ideas for Earth Day 2017 That Will Make a Statement Against Trump

1. March for Science

Donald Trump is not a man of science: He believes climate change is a hoax, has proposed cuts to many different types of scientific research, and is working to undo important environmental regulations on power plants and other pollution-heavy industries.

Take part in the national March for Science this weekend (you can march with us if you’re in the D.C. metro area!), and educate yourself and your community on these issues by holding discussions and bringing in experts from the field.


2. Advocate for Contraception

Did you know that there are around 225 million women in the developing world who would like to delay or avoid pregnancy, but are not using contraception? Contraception is great for a lot of reasons, but here are a few:

  • Contraception gives people the ability to start a family when they feel ready—when women can plan their pregnancies, population growth slows.
  • Contraceptive access decreases poverty and could help save more than 300,000 lives per year.
  • Communities that encourage voluntary family planning (and fund it) have a leg up on sustainability—protecting natural resources for generations to come.

Contraception is GREAT, and if you are not quite convinced, check out this link. Donald Trump does not understand this though, as he recently re-enacted the Global Gag Rule and cut funding to UNFPA, making it more difficult for women to access contraception.

Help by volunteering at your local clinic, educating others in your community, and holding your representatives accountable. Reproductive healthcare is key to environmental protection.


3. Go Vegetarian or Vegan

Americans eat around 270 pounds of meat every year—the most of any population in the world. Eating a lot of meat is not only bad for our health, but producing meat requires a significant amount of water, land, and energy. To create just ONE pound of meat requires as much as 5,000 to 20,000 liters of water! Meat production also creates a lot of air and water pollution and as our population grows, the amount of pollution emitted will only increase. This is even more concerning, as Trump begins to deregulate pollution orders set forth by Obama. It is on us to cut back where we can, and eating a plant-based diet, even once a week, can make an impact.


4. Feed the Birds

If we learned anything from when a bald eagle named ‘Uncle Sam’ attacked Trump during a photo-shoot, it is that Trump and birds do not get along. Trump says he is still skeptical of climate change but that does not change the many bird habitats are already under threat. In California alone, tens of thousands of birds have lost  their migratory habitats within the last decade due to the inconsistent droughts and floods in the area.

You can help by setting up a bird feeder in your yard for your winged friends (you can even make one out of recycled materials).

There is even a chance that you will attract this bird, who kind of looks like Trump but is much more handsome.

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