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Talk About Population Growth

Population Education volunteer trainers take part in a workshop at the 2019 Leadership Institute.

World population is projected to soar from 7.8 billion in 2020 to 10.9 billion by 2100.

We add over 80 million people to the planet every year, crowding out other species and consuming more natural resources than Earth can replenish. Ensuring access to family planning and reproductive health care services for everyone will stabilize the world population through voluntary, human-rights based efforts.

Population Connection offers training and materials to inform your local community about the impacts of global population growth. To learn more and for tips to help you talk about this topic, these videos will get you started. You can also join our new four-week course on population and climate change—register here!

Reduce Per Capita Consumption

Folsom Lake, California in November 2015 with record low water levels due to the drought. Photo by Vince Mig.

Deforestation, pollution, overfishing, and industrial agriculture have contributed to the loss of more than half of wildlife populations in the past 40 years. Agriculture accounts for roughly 70% of all fresh water used globally. Human population growth makes environmental degradation even more difficult to solve. One study found that a 40% reduction in carbon emissions in developed countries through 2050 would be canceled out by population growth in developing ones. Stabilizing global population will reduce our impact on wildlife and the environment we share. It will also make life more livable for the most vulnerable, marginalized people on the planet.

Read more about the tensions between sustainable development and U.S.-style consumerism and consider the lifestyle changes we can all make to live more sustainably. Practices such as limiting meat in our diets, buying eco-friendly products, and taking the bus, walking, biking, or carpooling instead of driving alone can all contribute to a more sustainable future.

Increase Family Planning Funding

At Capitol Hill Days 2019, #Fight4HER activists meet with their members of Congress to discuss the Global Her Act, which will permanently repeal the Global Gag Rule.

If all 218 million women with an unmet need for family planning in low- and middle-income countries gained access to modern contraception, unintended pregnancies would drop from 111 million to 35 million per year. By addressing the global unmet need for contraceptives, we can stabilize population, while preventing maternal and infant deaths and improving health outcomes. In the United States, where 45% of pregnancies are unintended, we can increase our investments in Title X and Medicaid, ensuring that everyone, no matter their income, can access voluntary contraception.

Due to the re-imposition and expansion of the Global Gag Rule, many women and families have already begun to suffer from a dearth of family planning options. Read the stories of women who rely on Family Health Options Kenya’s reproductive services—services now at risk due to the Global Gag Rule.

Empower Women and Girls

A nurse with WINGS Guatemala, a Population Connection partner, discusses contraceptive methods with clinic patients. This is all part of WINGS’ rights-based, patient-centered approach.

Empowering women is a key factor in achieving global population stabilization. Ensuring that women are respected as equal partners in the household, at work, and in the community is important in achieving gender equality. Women’s participation in the workplace is still restricted in over 100 countries, curtailing opportunities for advancement. Expanding access to affordable family planning options gives women and girls the choice to continue their education and reduces the likelihood of child marriage and unintended or early pregnancy.


Want to #MoveTheDate with Population Connection? 

  1. Talk about population growth: Join us for our new four week-course to learn more about population and climate change, volunteer with us, or invite a speaker to virtually present to your group about the connections between population growth and our impact on the planet.
  2. Reduce your consumption: Check out these suggestions for more sustainable household products, consider shifting to a more plant-based diet, or start your own composting system.
  3. Increase family planning funding: Make sure you are registered to vote, work to elect leaders that support family planning funding, and become a member of Population Connection to stay connected.
  4. Empower women and girls: Sign our petitions to support the Global HER Act and the Abortion is Health Care Everywhere Act to help protect millions of women and girls worldwide from cruel policies that undermine their bodily autonomy.

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