Earth Overshoot Day

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Talking about population growth

Population Education volunteer trainers take part in a workshop at the 2017 Leadership Conference.

World population is projected to soar from 7.7 billion to 10.9 Billion by 2050.

We add 82 million people to the planet every year, crowding out other species and consuming more natural resources than earth can replenish. Achieving zero population growth will improve everyone’s quality of life while preserving natural resources for future generations!

Population Connection’s Membership Relations team offers training and materials to inform your local community about the impacts of global population growth. Check out some of our training videos here! Whether you’d like to table at a local farmers market or festival, or if you’d just like to know how to share an effective message about global population stabilization with your circle of friends, these videos will get you started!

Reducing our consumption

An aerial shot shows the contrast between forest and agricultural landscapes near Rio Branco, Acre, Brazil.

Deforestation, pollution, overfishing, and industrial agriculture have contributed to the loss of more than half of wildlife in the past 40 years1. And agriculture accounts for about 70% of all freshwater used globally2. Population growth makes environmental degradation even more difficult to solve. One study found that a 40% reduction in carbon use by developed countries through 2050 would be canceled out by population growth in developing ones3. Stabilizing global population will reduce our impact on wildlife and the environment we share.

And you can read more about the tensions between sustainable growth in the developing world and U.S.-style consumerism here.

Advocating for an increase in U.S. family planning funding

Women sit in the waiting area of the IRC (International Rescue Committee) health clinic in Bakassi IDP (Internally Displaced People) Camp in Maiduguri in north-east Nigeria on July 7, 2017. (c/o STEFAN HEUNIS/AFP/Getty Images)

If all 214 million women with an unmet need for family planning gained access to modern contraception, each year there would be 67 million fewer unintended pregnancies. By addressing the global unmet need for contraceptives, we can stabilize population, while preventing maternal and infant deaths.

Tragically, the Trump Administration is set on dismantling decades of progress for basic access to reproductive health care worldwide. With Trump’s deadly Global Gag Rule, many women and families have already begun to suffer from a dearth of family planning options. Read the heart-rending stories of women who rely on Family Health Options Kenya’s reproductive services—services now at risk due to Trump’s Global Gag Rule.

Empowering women and girls

In partnership with the Government of Ethiopia, the DFID-funded Finote Hiwot programme is helping at least 37,500 adolescent girls, and indirectly many more, to avoid child marriage in Ethiopia.

Gender equality can contribute to stabilizing global population. Right now, 214 million women in the developing world want to avoid pregnancy but aren’t using modern contraceptives1. By expanding education and access to affordable family planning options, we can ensure that women are respected as equal partners in the household, at work, and in the community.

A recent edition of Population Connection magazine highlights the past 50 years of making progress toward upholding every person’s right to decide whether and when to have children, if they choose to do so at all. Read our article here to learn about the history of expanding access to reproductive health care and modern contraception.

Want to #MoveTheDate with Population Connection? 

1. Click here to get involved by starting the conversation about population pressures in your community. Help others understand the impact of human population growth on our planet.

2. Where do you fit in our world of 7.7 billion? Find out your population number and share it on social media!

3. Invite a speaker to talk to your group about how global population growth affects our environment and how we can reduce our global impact.

4. Fill out our sister organization Population Connection Action Fund’s petition and support the Global HER ACT to help protect millions of women and girls worldwide from cruel policies that undermine their bodily autonomy.

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