Celebrate Earth Day 2018 with Population Connection!

This weekend, 116 dedicated members in 24 states will be going to 55 events in their communities to raise awareness about the importance of population stabilization. A calendar of all events can be found here. Population Connection members will be petitioning for the Global HER Act, raising awareness about the danger that runaway population growth poses for environmental sustainability, and helping others in their communities understand that caring about the Earth means fighting for reproductive rights around the world.

Our dedicated volunteers will also be asking visitors to their tables to learn their MyPop# and take part in a photo petition. This is part of a Population Education activity meant to illustrate just how rapidly population has grown over just the last few decades. One hundred years ago, human population had yet to reach 2 billion. Today, the population has more than tripled, soaring above 7 billion people.

You can find your own population number here: http://worldpopulationhistory.org/my-population-number/

Reply with your own number in the comments! (Mine is 4,883,961,749). Some members of our staff also proudly display their numbers as part of our photo petition:


This activity is part of our innovative Population Education program, which helps young people all over the U.S.—and increasingly, across the world—make the “population connection” between natural resource depletion, environmental degradation, human conflict, and population pressures. PopEd’s innovative, award-winning curricula introduce children in grades K-12 to population concepts, empowering the next generation to connect population pressures with environmental degradation, resource depletion, and human conflict.

That’s why, in celebration of Earth Day, a generous donor is also offering to match all gifts made in support of Population Education. All gifts up to $12,000 made through April 22nd will be DOUBLED by his generosity. If you’d like to double your impact on this amazing, much-needed program today, you can give towards the campaign here.


One thought on “Celebrate Earth Day 2018 with Population Connection!

  1. OK, thanks for the video to help me be more prepared for “table-ing” tomorrow, but where do I link into the “FAQ video, or blog” that you mentioned in the latest training video, to help w/ difficult questions from the public? Please help w/ a link to that. Thanks. Good day. John Bonner

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