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Monocultural Palm Oil Plantation, East Asia

Population and Pandemics: How Human Activities Increase the Risk of Zoonosis

The coronavirus pandemic highlights how the overuse of Earth’s natural systems poses a risk to human health and well-being. Without changing the way people produce food and energy, population growth drives deforestation, habitat loss, and climate change. Together, these processes amplify the threat of infectious disease outbreaks. This info brief explores the links between human […]

Info Brief: Solutions Through Reproductive Health: Why Family Planning Matters to Climate Change

This info brief looks at the connections between family planning and climate change. We argue that slowing population growth through rights-based investments in voluntary family planning services can reduce emissions and significantly increase individual, community, and national resilience in a changing climate.

Presentation: Zoonosis: How Does Population Influence Animal-to-Human Pathogen Spillover?

This resource explores the links between human activities and zoonotic disease emergence. The presentation uses a case study from the Amazon rainforest to argue that population growth, intensified agriculture, habitat loss, wildlife trade, and climate change create the conditions necessary for viral animal-to-human spillover. Recognizing that human interaction with the natural environment must change in […]

graphic that has arrows pointing from Population, climate, and human rights to crises over a barren landscape.

Issue Brief: Population and Climate Change: What Are the Links?

With 2 billion people to be added to our human ranks by 2050 and an additional 1 billion more by 2100, demographic trends and variables play an important role in understanding and confronting the world’s climate crisis. Population growth, along with increasing consumption, tends to increase emissions of climate-changing greenhouse gases. Rapid population growth worsens […]

Recommended Reading: Human Impacts on the Environment

Browse literature exploring the many ways that humans impact the natural environment. This resource provides academic sources, research published by NGOs and government agencies, and relevant news articles—perfect for curating a course reading list for college students.

Presentation: Population and Climate Change: What Are the Links?

This presentation explores the connections between population dynamics, access to comprehensive health care, and climate change. Through an historical examination of global population dynamics, the slide deck will help clarify the links between poverty, marginalization, women’s rights, and environmental pressures made worse by climate change. The presentation concludes by showing how access to family planning […]

Presentation: Human Impacts on the Environment

This PDF slide deck presents an overview of some of the most important ways that human systems influence the natural environment.

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