Educators Make the Population Connection in Arkansas

Last month, 28 professional educators from as far as Puerto Rico gathered at the Winthrop Rockefeller Institute (WRI) in Morrilton, Arkansas for Population Education’s 26th annual Summer Leadership Institute. Every year, Population Education hosts Leadership Institutes to train  our new facilitators. During the event, participants receive thorough training on how to present our workshops and share our resources with their peers.

Given the Institute’s location, most of this year’s participants represented campuses, school districts, and county governments in the Southeast and South-Central states (Arkansas, Missouri, Tennessee, Kentucky, South Carolina, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Mississippi, and Georgia).

Two-thirds of the attendees were teacher educators at colleges and universities such as University of Arkansas,  University of Mississippi, and Texas A & M Texarkana. Other participants were middle and high school science and social studies teachers, administrators, and non-formal educators.

See some scenes from this year’s Institute!



This year’s crop of educators was also eager to share feedback at the culmination of the weekend:

      The material, pace, and presenters were beyond my wildest expectations – Great session well worth the weekend invested.

      Not being from a science background, I feel I will have to acquaint myself with a bit more knowledge, but everything you’ve given me has helped VERY much.

      Thank you all for this opportunity. Was a great and valuable weekend. The staff was so great, as well as the facilitators. Thanks all of you.

      […] When I saw you “kids” were all young, I was definitely NOT expecting the extremely high quality of the presenters for PopEd!! Thank you for the high quality of the entire fabulous                   weekend!  

These new trainers will now join our network of more than 600 PopEd facilitators across the U.S. and Canada. Volunteer trainers present three-quarters of all PopEd workshops and serve as important local resources for their communities and state associations. Last year, network members contributed $327,600 in an in-kind gift of their time and expertise. Learn more about Population Education’s upcoming events, curricula materials, and programs at


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