Rachel Carson’s Legacy Advocating for Clean Oceans

Most people remember Rachel Carson for her book Silent Spring, which highlighted the environmental impact of pesticides on human health and the biosphere and started the modern American environmental movement. In Robert Musil’s article in our quarterly magazine, he describes her also as “the mother of the movement to protect the oceans.” You can read […]

How the US Turns a Blind Eye to Rape as a Weapon of War

Following the questionable reelection of President Mwai Kibaki in 2007-2008, clashes between the Kikuyu and Luo peoples ensued across Kenya. Unprecedented violence threatened the well-being of thousands; homes were demolished, civilians were murdered, and women and girls faced widespread sexual violence. From the tea fields in rural regions to the informal settlements in the nation’s […]

Don't TRAP Women in 1973

The temperature wasn’t rising as crowds gathered in front of the Supreme Court of the United States on Wednesday morning, but the heat was definitely on high. The Supreme Court was hearing Whole Women’s Health v. Hellerstedt, a monumental case on the HB2 laws passed in Texas that limit abortion access and threaten women’s health. […]

Will World Population Hit 11 Billion People in This Century?

Using a new probabilistic statistical method, which involved creating 10,000 population projections for each country, demographers from the University of Washington and the UN Population Division have projected that by 2100, the earth’s population could reach 10.9 billion people. The demographers published their findings in a paper in the journal Science. They argue that there […]

Capitol Hill Days 2015 Made Family Planning a Priority

April 29, 2015 Photo by Bill Petros What a tremendous year for Capitol Hill Days! From April 10-13, 200 activists (our biggest group to date) gathered in Washington, DC to advocate for universal access to voluntary contraception. The weekend was filled with passionate Capitol Hill Days “alumni” and new participants representing 31 states and several […]

Syrian Refugee Women Face Hardship in Turkey

A Syrian refugee woman in Turkey. Photo credit: UNFPA/Nezih Talvas.  As the migrant crisis looms large in Europe, Turkey is facing its own migrant crisis on a frightening scale. Reports claim that roughly two million Syrian refugees now live in Turkey and that the country has spent nearly six billion dollars caring for these refugees. While […]

Field Notes: A Whirlwind of Fall Activities

The field team training Global Health Initiative student group at Ohio State University.  As our field team crisscrosses the country this fall, we are meeting some extraordinary people who are making a difference for family planning. We’re finding these people at film screenings, talks, and student groups everywhere from Arizona to New Hampshire and places […]

How Small Fertility Changes Can Make Big Impacts on Population Growth

The graph above shows population projections based on three different fertility assumptions. The medium-fertility variant is the median of thousands of projections that the United Nations Population Division calculates in their biannual revisions. The high-fertility variant assumes a fertility rate of 0.5 children more for each country; the low-fertility variant assumes a fertility rate of […]

How (and When) India Will Overtake China In Total Population

China and India have the world’s largest populations, respectively. Together, they make up 37% of the world’s total population. China has held the title as the world’s largest country for all of recorded population history, but that is soon to change. India is projected to overtake China as the world’s largest country in 2022. China’s […]

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