Teen Pregnancy Leads to Early Marriage in Many Countries, Study Finds

What does poverty mean for young people in the developing world? For far too many girls it means adolescent sexual activity – often transactional – followed by pregnancy and early marriage. An estimated 15 million girls are married before their 18th birthdays each year – that’s 28 girls every minute. A recent study conducted by […]

Three Things to Know about Birth Control

Today is World Contraception Day.  And we still have a long way to go to make sure that every woman has access to affordable contraception. While in the recent years we have made tremendous progress in the U.S. and around the world, there are still many things we could do to remove the barriers that […]

Malawi Faith Leaders Call for Reform in Abortion Laws

More than 50 officials from churches around Malawi came together last week to endorse a law that decreases the country’s restrictions on abortion access. After a two-day-long discussion and meetings with medical experts, the leaders expressed enthusiastic optimism that the faith community would endorse the reformed abortion laws in an effort to protect women and […]

World Population Day: looking forward to the future

Five years after the global population soared past 7 billion people, countries around the world are coming together to raise awareness about population issues on World Population Day—commemorated each year on July 11. This year’s theme is investing in teenage girls – a demographic of our global community that faces a multitude of challenges. Across continents, […]

Zubik vs. Burwell, i.e. The Religious Right vs. Women's Health

Imagine having debilitating pain and heavy bleeding that prevent you from going to work or school every month. Imagine being a survivor of sexual assault without access to emergency contraception. Imagine being an undocumented immigrant who cannot even visit a doctor if she faces any of these difficulties. Imagine being a low-income woman who cannot […]

Despite challenges, Nepal makes bold strides in abortion rights

Shreejana Bajracharya is a 28 year old reproductive rights activist from Nepal. When she is not attending classes to finish up her Master’s degree in gender studies, Bajracharya works with Asia Safe Abortion Partnership and Marie Stopes International in Nepal to increase women’s access to reproductive services including abortion. On a daily basis, she meets with […]

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