It’s 2020, and Bosses Still Shouldn’t Be Making Employee Birth Control Decisions

On Wednesday, May 6, the Supreme Court heard yet another case debating whether bosses should be able to determine employees’ insurance coverage of birth control. Sound familiar? That’s because we’ve been here before. Little Sisters of the Poor vs. Pennsylvania pits employers who hold a religious or “sincere moral opposition” to contraception against two states […]

Conference Call With Population Connection Members to Discuss Population Growth and Pandemics

Population Connection · John Seager COVID-19 Presentation Note: The audio in John’s presentation scrambles for a bit a couple minutes in (working from home has its tech challenges)—please skip ahead and continue listening! During the Q+A, there were many great questions that John wasn’t able to answer because of time constraints. He didn’t want to […]

Planet of the Humans Swings Wildly, Misses Badly

Toward the end of the recently-released, Michael Moore-produced film Planet of the Humans, the narrator blames everyone: “It’s not one thing, but everything we are doing. A human-caused apocalypse.” Does this universal condemnation apply to public health workers in besieged reproductive health clinics risking their lives to foster a safer, less-crowded world? Does it include […]

Earth Day Events Replaced With Virtual 22-Day Challenge

The coronavirus pandemic cancelled in-person events for Earth Day 2020 — the 50th anniversary of the first Earth Day — so we asked supporters to participate from home by taking our Earth Day Challenge! Beginning on April 1, we asked participants to consider one challenge each day to reduce their individual consumption of resources, leading […]

An update on our progress

This week, Shauna Scherer, our VP for Marketing and Development, filmed a short video to share some brief updates about our work and ways you can continue to support Population Connection. If you have any questions about the updates mentioned in this video, or about charitable giving during this time, please email us at […]

World Health Day 2020: Support Nurses and Midwives

During this completely life-altering, history-transforming global pandemic, non-essential health care has stopped, and many non-emergency doctors and nurses are being quickly trained to treat patients infected with COVID-19. We literally owe these health care workers our lives. Many of them are becoming infected themselves, in the process of treating sick patients. Some of them have […]

COVID-19: Pandemics and Population Growth

All any of us are reading about these days is the novel coronavirus, COVID-19. The Democratic Primary? Harry and Meghan ditching their royal crowns and moving to Canada? It truly seems as if those previously all-consuming stories have been forgotten and replaced with articles about TP altercations, sports cancellations, and how ineffectively we’ve been washing […]

World Wildlife Day 2020: Sustaining All Life on Earth

  More than a billion animals died in Australia’s bushfires over the past few months. Animals including koalas, kangaroos, and wallabies—cute, furry marsupials that the world adores. The public outpouring of support to rehabilitate the injured animals that survived the fires has been inspiring. Extrapolating on my own experience, the grief that people felt in […]

2020 World Day of Social Justice

There are three primary reasons we at Population Connection work toward population stabilization every day: improved human health and longevity environmental protection social justice The third reason is the focus of this blog post. The United Nations declared February 20 the World Day of Social Justice when its general assembly passed a resolution on November […]

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