President’s Note
March 2017

I marched. My wife marched. My daughter marched. My three-year-old granddaughter marched. We all marched on Washington over inauguration weekend. Two days later, Trump imposed an odious Global Gag Rule with the stroke of his pen. Only time will tell which event proves more portentous.

I’m betting on women—and on the men who respect them and are proud to stand and march and work alongside them.

A century ago, the suffragettes marched when Woodrow Wilson was inaugurated. They were subject to ridicule and worse. Seven years later, American women won the right to vote.

Power comes in many shapes and sizes. It comes from the stroke of a pen in the Oval Office. But it also comes when millions of Americans spontaneously rise up for a better future.

I saw a woman carrying her eight-month-old baby among the 500,000 marchers. Taking an infant into such a vast crowd might seem ill-advised. But that child was surrounded by hundreds of thousands of honorary aunts and uncles, brothers and sisters, parents and grandparents.

We all marched to protect those most vulnerable—whether cradled in a mother’s arms on Constitution Avenue or in some dusty village or distant city. And we marched to protect our world for future generations.

Marching is, by definition, movement. And movements can change the world. Our own organization was founded as a grassroots movement to make the clear connection between personal reproductive choices and the fate of the planet.

That link remains as strong as ever. Since our early “ZPG” days, we’ve come to fully understand a critical truth: When women are truly empowered and have full access to reproductive healthcare, dramatic reductions in family size occur with extraordinary speed. Unlike all those trumped-up claims these days, we don’t need to employ “alternative facts” to make our case. Reality suffices.

Hard evidence from the last time the Global Gag Rule was imposed makes it clear that clinics will close. Women will suffer and die. Abortion rates will rise. And the population challenge will grow and grow. Here at home, we’re also going to see all manner of damage done to people and to our natural heritage by presidential diktats abetted by a feckless Congress.

I’m now spending as much time as possible speaking to groups all across the nation—making the population connection to those who care about our shared future at this most critical of moments. Our staff will also be fanning out to help support the movement that will surely follow the marches.

If you’re looking for a speaker, drop me an email. There is no cost or fee. But you should know that we’re going to ask folks to stand up and take action. All excuses expired on Inauguration Day.


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