President’s Note
June 2017

Students on more than 300 college campuses around the United States are receiving the Population Connection message through our grassroots outreach. We see firsthand that young people are deeply concerned about the future and willing to work hard to change our course.

Here are some recent student comments following my presentations, of which I’ve done two dozen this spring alone:

“Interesting how much population growth can decrease if we increase education of women, provide birth control, and change reproductive health laws.”

– Daniel, Widener University

“I enjoyed the demeanor and calmness of the presentation. Even if the subject matter is a little more than daunting with regards to our future.”

– Ben, California State University, Northridge

“I have very strong conservative views, but the presentation was very insightful and thought provoking.”

– Ian, Duke University

“First time in my four years [in college] that a presenter has talked about women’s rights. Very refreshing.”

– Vanessa, University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Population Connection is working with our sister organization, Population Connection Action Fund, to raise awareness of domestic and international population challenges. Our new #Fight4HER campaign seeks permanent repeal of the odious Global Gag Rule. Highlights from our #Fight4HER campaign this spring include:

  • Presenting a cardboard cutout of Sen. Cory Gardner with the ‘Worst Women’s Advocate’ Award, in front of his state office in Fort Collins, CO;
  • Holding an “empty chair” town hall for Sen. Thom Tillis in Chapel Hill, NC that engaged folks on social media using #TimidTillis and #Fight4HER;
  • Organizing a teach-in at Ohio State University on International Women’s Day that drew 1,000 students, staff, and community members to an all-day series of talks, followed by a march; and
  • Delivering 22,000 petitions to Sen. Pat Toomey’s office in Allentown, PA to support the Global HER Act.

This spring’s high point came when 352 activists representing 34 states and 131 congressional districts spent a weekend one block from the White House learning about our issue, and then took to Capitol Hill to deliver our message to 190 congressional offices.

We have a dozen people working on campuses to provide thousands of students with practical ways to help achieve population stabilization. The passion and commitment shown by today’s young people inspire us at Population Connection every day.

John Seager

Erik E. Bergstrom (1940-2017)

There are smart people, and there are wise people. Erik Bergstrom possessed both intelligence and wisdom in abundance. The foundation he and his wife, Edith, created exemplified his sagacity. Since its founding in 2002, the Erik and Edith Bergstrom Foundation has fulfilled a clear-eyed vision of a better world—with a special focus on population stabilization, birth control, and the empowerment of women. Never shying away from tough challenges, alongside Edith, Erik was devoted to making our crowded, troubled world a better place. In these times, that provides much-needed cause for hope.

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