Letters to the Editor
March 2018

Congratulations on a gripping December 2017 issue of Population Connection magazine. I was especially impressed with the program aimed at middle schools.

Jerry Brand

I was somewhat amazed by the treatment of men in the December 2017 issue of Population Connection.

Let’s start with the cover picture showing a man passively waiting for his planned vasectomy with his back slouching and his hands held between his legs. Not exactly a strong image of masculinity. It makes one wonder if he’s trying to protect his privates.

Next, look at the picture on page 15. Again, the man is pictured in a subservient position with his hands between his legs. This time, the vasectomy he is discussing is in the past. He’s still looking like he has something he wants to protect.

But what most offended me was the cartoon on page 32. In your President’s Note you rightly condemn coercion. But what’s going on in the cartoon, if not coercion?

Let’s switch things around. Make the cartoon of a man leading his pregnant wife into an abortion clinic blindfolded and announcing the same thing, “We’re almost there. Happy anniversary, dear.”

You treat men as so stupid that their wives can make them happy by scheduling a vasectomy for them?

The articles on male contraceptives were interesting. I don’t think many men will ever accept hormonal contraception for the same reason many women won’t — the side effects and risks are so severe and our love for children will many times win out. But there is a double standard. That’s why there are no hormonal contraceptives for men currently, and women are often bearing that burden.

Jean Crocco
Pro-Life Action League

Jean Crocco is an anti-choice crusader.

Anyone who has ever had a significant medical procedure can tell you it’s not a trip to Disney World. Even the most positive surgical interventions rarely provoke wide grins.

Regarding that cartoon, longtime Population Connection supporter Dr. Amy Gilbert also didn’t like it, commenting that, “Your publication needs to stick to your own values and moral principles and not discount them to be funny.”

Humor is subjective, and it’s wise to consider how people react to it. We do try to poke fun at the powerful — not those who lack power.

Ms. Crocco doubts “many men will ever accept hormonal contraception.” Time will tell as new methods come online. Millions of men, however, use testosterone replacement. It’s our view that the more FDA-approved, thoroughly-tested birth control methods the better.

Her reference to the “love of children” is bewildering. Decent, caring people the world over plan their families precisely because they love their children and want to make sure they have the resources to be responsible parents.

John Seager


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