Letters to the Editor
March 2017

To the Editor:

My husband recently joined your organization and encouraged me to read the first issue he received (December 2016). He and I have been talking overpopulation as the most important issue of our time and have had this conversation for over 20 years. It’s obvious to me, but I suppose in many circles, it’s not politically correct. However, I am glad to see that your organization is dedicated to this issue.

As I read through the pages, I was very perplexed as I saw the same narrative continuing to be promoted about birth control and unplanned pregnancy. There was a short article about a study that was ended due to side effects—mostly minimal—of a new birth control method for men, and my thoughts were, of course. I did not read the entire publication, but other than that article, and one letter from a reader, I found virtually nothing about why we need to focus on men—at least as much, and maybe more, than on women—when it comes to who is responsible for sexual behavior and birth control. The speech by Dr. Henshaw promoted the same outdated narrative, and he is a sociologist.

I hope I will read in future editions of your literature that dedicated energy and education is going towards addressing this essential aspect of pregnancy and overpopulation.

Lindsay Webster

To the Editor:

Your website should offer a digital version of the magazine so people could easily forward articles to decision-makers and other actors. With an electronic version and electronic list of state decision-makers, many more readers would quickly email the article and a request to change their state’s process.

The new online graduate course for teachers sounds like a swell project! However, without a digital copy of the magazine, how can I share the news with my local education association? And where is the encouragement to do so? How will teachers find out about this new project? By word of mouth? The only information offered is an email address to enroll in the class—no background information for a prospective enrollee to examine before deciding to enroll.

Diane Curlette

HTML and PDF versions of the magazine, going back ten years, are available to view and download on our website at: www.populationconnection.org/resources/magazine-archives/. The newest issue is always linked from the homepage of our website. Please share issues and articles widely!

Information about the online PopEd graduate course is available here: http://populationeducation.org/content/online-professional-development-course. That page contains a link to enroll.


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