Letters to the Editor
December 2017

Just want you to know how pleased I am with the work you continue to do — sometimes in the face of great opposition.

Eliezer T. Margolis, PhD

Over these past few years of reading your magazine, I’ve come to realize that “Population Connection” has moved a long way from its earlier “Zero Population Growth” agenda. Rather than supporting ways of reducing population growth and ultimately reducing population, the organization seems to have become a spokesperson for the Democratic platform. Not that I disapprove of the Democratic platform, but I don’t support either party’s platform and will not support either party financially.

Neither Democrats nor Republicans will ever resolve the population problem. They will argue about the actions that are needed to deal with the myriad of symptoms (air pollution, water pollution, global warming, deforestation, species extinctions, etc.). Further, attempts to tie pet Democratic political positions to population growth is counterproductive and confounding.

When your organization returns to the population issue and that issue alone, I will return, but until that time I’ll continue doing what I can on my own.

Steve Albert

Thanks for your comments. We try hard to stick close to our mission (I might add that Population Connection scrupulously avoids partisan electoral activity, while Population Connection Action Fund engages in that area as a sister organization).

Unfortunately, the Republican party (with sadly rare exceptions) has abandoned its once-strong support for programs that advance our mission of population stabilization. Presidents Nixon and Ford supported key programs, as did the young Congressman George H.W. Bush. Even 20 years ago, there were about 40 House Republicans who supported family planning. Today, there is only one, even on a good day (Rep. Charlie Dent (R-PA/15), and he’s retiring.) We appreciate the two Senate Republicans (Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins) who are great supporters. But the other 50 Republican senators are solidly aligned in opposition.

The fact is that, when Obama took office, funding for international family planning was boosted by 40 percent. Now Trump wants to eliminate all such funding.

We just follow the facts where they lead. Nothing would please us more than to see both major parties competing to do more for our cause. As it is, the members of one party (Democratic) are mostly supportive, while members of the other (Republican) are almost universally opposed.

As Walter Cronkite used to say, “That’s the way it is.”

– John Seager


One thought on “Letters to the Editor
December 2017

  1. Oops, had a typo…

    Letter to the Editor

    Inside the December “Population Connection” readers learned of “World Contraception Day” and “International Safe Abortion Day” but for an issue highlighting ‘Male contraceptive options’ no mention was made of “World Vasectomy Day” (www.worldvasectomyday.org/what-is-wvd/) celebrated November 17th. The group behind this effort supports the work of 1,200 providers in 50 plus countries to offer safe vasectomies and train host country doctors. This year’s efforts culminated with a celebration in Mexico City.

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