Letters to the Editor
September 2019

The message of Volume 51, Issue 2, is as loud and clear as I have ever read, seen, or heard: Educate and empower women worldwide.

In the 1950s, I understood that overpopulation would be the cause of untold suffering and death in every habitat and biosphere. I weep for the lost life and systematic extinction of plants and animals that is happening due to the activities of humans hell-bent on making a profit at the expense of all in their path.

Maybe the reality of overpopulation will sink in for enough folks that earth will not end up trashed and polluted for our children’s children.

Thank you, Population Connection. Your dedication to empowering women may be the saving grace.

–Norman Bean

Thank you so much for your work. For 50 years I have been shouting the obvious basic environmental and economic scourge behind all human interactions: For a long time, there have been too many of us on earth, and our numbers still expand.

The only thing that has prevented endless worldwide devastating famine and economic destruction is the advancing, but inconsistent, technological rescues. Those allowed our ever-greater access to resources at the cost of habitat depletion for most other species.

–George W. Stiffener

I just wanted to send a note to tell you how much I enjoyed your focus on E.O. Wilson—especially your interview of him. Bringing his insights to the Population Connection audience is a real service.

I had the pleasure of meeting him some years ago at a function of my organization, and he is indeed a wonderful, down-to-earth person, in addition to being a world-class scientist and masterful communicator on topics of enduring importance. And none is more important than overpopulation/overconsumption.

–David Harmon

It was brilliant to do a cover story on E.O. Wilson. Several years ago, I read his book The Social Conquest of Earth, which includes insights that could, if shared by every person on the planet, change our view of life on earth and of humans’ role in it. Most people just do not understand evolution or population dynamics at a deep level.

–Jane Roberts

The E.O. Wilson issue of Population Connection is fabulous! Dr. Wilson is a world treasure, and your writing in “An Afternoon With an Ant Man” is absolutely wonderful. I smiled and pictured the whole scene as I read, though I was sobered by the message.

We receive a hard copy of the magazine in the mail. Is it possible to have a link to an electronic version so I may share your article with biologist colleagues overseas? Thank you for your great writing and for considering a possible electronic version.

–Andrea Tuttle, PhD

Thanks, Dr. Tuttle! All issues of Population Connection are online at popconnect.org/magazine-archives!



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