Capitol Hill Days 2015

April 10-13, 2015

“Capitol Hill Days 2015 was perhaps the best ever: professional organization, inspiring presentations, and productive advocacy sessions with our state delegations. Networking with other activists increased my advocacy energy level and personal commitment to broadening the base of support for constructive policy decisions regarding our common concerns. Thanks to all who made the gathering a success!”

—Denis Rydjeski, Population Connection member, Springfield, Vermont

Jesse Gibson, California Polytechnic State University, 2016; Rep. Lois Capps (D/CA-24); Timothy Irvine, graduate student at UC Santa Barbara, 2016

“As a fourth-time attendee, I am still amazed every single time how much I learn and grow from Capitol Hill Days. This weekend brought full-circle many of the issues I had been working with after graduation during my time living in Guatemala doing nonprofit work. I also found myself rethinking some of the lingering biases and stigmas I carried regarding abortion—something that I have always supported with regard to policy, but which I had never fully opened myself up to as something that all women should reasonably be able to demand, regardless of the reason. Now back in Ohio for the first time after my involvement as a student volunteer, I am interested in exploring new avenues for activism as a young professional living in Cleveland. I continue to be supportive of these issues because I think women’s health and environmental health and their undeniable interdependence is too important to ignore.”

—Katie Ferman, Cleveland, Ohio

Arizona State University students at the office of Rep. Kyrsten Sinema (D/AZ-09)

“The weekend I spent at Population Connection’s Capitol Hill Days was an incredible experience. I am so grateful for the opportunity to advocate for reproductive rights and sustainable development, and to network with other passionate and motivated individuals. Family planning should be made a priority because all of our world’s problems—poverty, climate change, hunger, etc.—will be much harder to solve if the proper investments aren’t made.”

—Erica Davis, University of Tennessee, 2016

Daniel Saldivar-Salas, DePaul University, 2017; Rep. Danny Davis (D/IL-07); and Michael Mbagwu, Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, 2016.

“For years I’ve felt that population growth is the most important environmental issue we face. This year’s Capitol Hill Days event—probably the eighth CHD I’ve attended—was the largest ever and I was surrounded by a diverse group of college students from across the U.S. who are passionate about women’s reproductive health issues. It was inspiring to feel their passion and caring for the planet. We heard some great speakers who have direct experience on how access to contraception impacts people’s lives in less developed countries of the world.”

—Albert Kaufman, Population Connection member, Portland, Oregon

Ariana Reks, Senior Foreign Policy Advisor for Senator Barbara Boxer, accepts our first annual “Empower Her, Empower Humanity” award on behalf of the senator; John Seager, President, is on the left and Brian Dixon, SVP of Media and Government Affairs, is on the right.

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