The Global Gag Rule Leaves Vulnerable Women with No Options

We’ve known, ever since Donald Trump announced the imposition of his expanded Global Gag Rule, that it was going to be devastating to women and families around the world.

And less than a year in, we’re starting to see it happening.

Amos Simpano and Melvine Ouyo work for Family Health Options Kenya (FHOK), one of the leading reproductive health care providers in that country. They’re in the United States right now, meeting with legislators and traveling around the country to talk about what’s happening in Kenya right now as a result of the Gag Rule.

FHOK has chosen not to agree to the Gag Rule, and as a result, they are facing the loss of half their total funding. Already, they’re seeing their contraceptive stocks running out, and women they have served in the past are now coming to them with unplanned pregnancies as a result. Amos and Melvine fear that they may end up having to close half of their clinics.

One of those clinics serves Kibera, the largest slum area in East Africa. More than 350,000 people live there, most of them on less than a dollar a day. Many women in Kibera keep their families fed through sex work. If the Kibera clinic is forced to close, these women, and countless others, will lose their only source of family planning and HIV/AIDS testing and treatment.

In Kenya, and around the world, the Gag Rule means that people are going to die. Children will be born HIV positive and die for lack of treatment. Women will die from pregnancy complications and unsafe abortions. It’s happening right now.

Amos and Melvine are here to tell the stories.

Along with activist and author Lisa Shannon, they’ll be speaking at the following events over the next two weeks. If you’re able, please come out and listen to what they have to say.

FHOK Tour Dates

New Hampshire
10/30 – No Options UNH event, 4-6pm, Freedom Café, co-sponsor: PPNNHAF

North Carolina
11/1 – No Options UNC-Chapel Hill event, 5-7pm, Sonja Hayes Auditorium, co-sponsors: Carolina Women’s Center, NARAL Pro-Choice North Carolina, Ipas, Carolina for Kibera, African Studies Center

11/2 – No Options Muhlenberg College event, 7-9pm, Seegers Union, co-sponsor: Students for Reproductive Justice

11/6 – LAS VEGAS EVENT (Details coming soon)

11/7 – No Options ASU event, 6:30pm, MU 226, the Graham Room, co-sponsors: Vox, Abortion Fund of Arizona

11/8 – No Options CSU Ft. Collins (location coming soon)
11/9 – No Options CU Boulder

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