• We hosted more than 700 workshops, training 12,000+ current and future teachers to bring Population Education into their K-12 classrooms.
  • We inspired more than 5,500 students to create original videos for our annual World of 7 Billion student video contest. The 18 winning films documented the connections between population growth and one of the following topics: preserving biodiversity, sustainable resource use, or protecting human rights.

Field & Outreach

  • Our sister organization, Population Connection Action Fund, hosted 573 events and mobilized thousands of #Fight4HER advocates who urged their lawmakers to pass the Global Health, Empowerment, and Rights (HER) Act, which would overturn Trump’s deadly Global Gag Rule.
  • Population Connection Action Fund hosted the Summer of HER, a 10-week training course for 68 participants who learned skills and tactics to become even stronger advocates and leaders in their communities. The Summer of HER culminated in 10 summits, with 500 activists learning organizing techniques to repeal the Global Gag Rule.

Membership Relations

  • Over the course of the year, nearly 300 Population Connection members hosted 157 events in 30 states. Events ranged from local film screenings to tables at Earth Day, World Population Day, workplace giving events, and more!
  • These dedicated volunteers spread the word about population challenges to over 12,000 people and were able to gather 1,500 petitions to pass the Global HER Act.

Here are some highlights:

Capitol Hills Day 2019

Activists at the 2019 Capitol Hills Day in Washington DC

In early April, nearly 350 dedicated activists came to Washington, D.C., to fight for reproductive rights around the world. After a weekend of education and training on how to be effective advocates, attendees flooded Capitol Hill, visiting more than 150 congressional offices to push their representatives to support the Global HER Act.

Read a complete recap of Capitol Hills Day 2019 here!

Earth Day

Table visitors participate in our “What’s your population number” activity on Earth Day

125 Population Connection members came out in full force to celebrate Earth Day, volunteering at 32 events in 30 cities across 16 states! These members and activists hosted information tables in their local communities to increase awareness about the environmental and social implications of rapid population growth.

PopEd’s #MyPopNumber has become one of our most popular activities at our Earth Day tables. This interactive activity personalizes how rapidly human population has grown within each of our lifetimes—and it has more than doubled since the first Earth Day in 1970!

Second Annual Summer of HER

Summer of Her Summit in Denver, Colorado

In its second year, Summer of HER—a 10-week field project of Population Connection Action Fund and the #Fight4HER campaign—provided classroom workshops and field trainings on a variety of organizing techniques centered on passing the Global Health, Empowerment, and Rights (HER) Act, which would end Trump’s Global Gag Rule. We trained over 500 activists in key battleground states—Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin—to #Fight4HER.

PopEd Leadership Institute

Participants analyze different types of data in an activity linking population and climate change

Every year, Population Education hosts two Leadership Institutes. These events each provide 30 new teacher trainers with the skills and knowledge they need to facilitate training workshops all around the country on behalf of PopEd. This years’ Summer Leadership Institute took place in Racine, WI, and the Fall Leadership Institute was held in Aurora, CO. These events featured over 20 hands-on activities designed to build participants’ understanding of PopEd’s teaching method and workshop model. Attendees also practiced facilitating PopEd lessons and creating engaging workshop agendas, leaving them fully prepared to host workshops for other teachers in their regions. For more info, please go to populationeducation.org.

United Nations Conference

UN Civil Society Conference attendee learning more about the Global Gag rule

Population Connection staff participated in the first United Nations Conference to take place in the U.S. outside of the UN headquarters in New York City. An estimated 6,000 people from 120 countries attended the UN Civil Society Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah, to discuss the Sustainable Development Goals. Our informational booth brought visibility to our mission of global population stabilization and our efforts to repeal Trump’s Global Gag Rule through Population Connection Action Fund’s grassroots #Fight4HER campaign.

World Contraception Day 

On September 26, Stacie Murphy, Director of Congressional Relations, gave a conference call presentation to Population Connection and Population Connection Action Fund members, outlining the current state of U.S. funding for domestic and international family planning programs, as well as the effects of Trump’s Global Gag Rule on health care providers around the world.

Hannah Evans’ Speaking Engagements

Hannah Evans, Population, Health, and Environment Specialist

As our Population, Health, and Environment Specialist, Hannah presents on the interrelated topics of population growth, human rights, social justice, and climate change. This year, Hannah spoke at 30 events across seven states, providing solution-oriented presentations making the connection between global population growth, access to reproductive health care, and environmental sustainability.

Invite Hannah or a different staff member to speak to your classroom or group

ICPD+25 Summit

Melvine Ouyo and Lauren Salmiery at the ICPD+25 Summit in Nairobi, Kenya, November 2019

National Field Director Lauren Salmiery represented Population Connection at the 25th anniversary of the 1994 UN International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD) in Cairo. The anniversary Summit was held in Nairobi, Kenya. You can read a recap of her experience here and here.

Global Climate Strike

  September 20, 2019

Population Connection staff and volunteers rallied in three cities—Washington, DC, San Diego, CA, and Portland, ME—on September 20, joining the estimated 7.6 million people who participated in more than 6,100 Global Climate Strike events around the world to demand action on the climate crisis! With over 185 countries participating, this was the largest climate mobilization in history.


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