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"Pro-Life" Leaders Push for Increase in Abortions

About 80 “pro-life” House members sent a letter to leaders in support of a policy that would increase abortions in the developing world.

Not My Boss' Business

The Supreme Court got it wrong in the Hobby Lobby case. Now our allies on the Hill are fighting back.

Support a Permanent End to the Global Gag Rule

President Obama rescinded the Global Gag Rule, but the threat that a future president may reinstate it remains. Help us pass legislation to end this horrible policy forever.

Help Fix the Helms Amendment

Overly strict interpretation of the Helms Amendment endangers the lives and wellbeing of women around the world. Tell President Obama that it's time to clarify Helms.

Sign the Action Statement

Show your support for our cause by signing on to the action statement.

What We Do

Our grassroots supporters are passionate about family planning. Our goal is to turn that passion into real political progress.

2014 Congressional Report Card

Are your congressional representatives champs or chumps on international family planning? Find out in our annual Congressional Report Card.

Who We Are

We are affiliated with Population Connection and support its mission to educate young people and advocate progressive action to stabilize world population at a level that can be sustained by earth's resources.


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