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World Population Growth Matters!

This map shows Total Fertility Rate (number of children a woman will have in her lifetime) across our planet, where the most rapid population growth will occur in the coming years, and where women have the largest unmet need for family planning.

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Protecting the Planet

How big of an issue is world population growth? About 80 million people are added to the world population each year—that’s the equivalent of 409 fully-loaded jumbo jets every single day. And all of these people need food, water, and space to live. Reducing the rate of population growth in the world eases the many pressures people place on natural resources, wildlife habitats, and the atmosphere we all depend upon to survive.

Defending Women's Rights

Perhaps no decision is more personal—and life-changing—than having children. Yet millions of women don’t have a choice. Around 222 million women in developing countries would like to delay or end childbearing but have no access to contraception. Here in the United States, half of pregnancies are unplanned. When women are able to plan their families, both moms and babies are healthier, and entire nations benefit.

Ensuring Social Justice

More than a billion people live on less than $1.25 per day. One in every eight people is hungry. The 50 poorest countries on earth are also those with the highest fertility rates. Rapid population growth hinders progress on all Millennium Development Goals, including eradicating hunger, achieving universal primary education, and reducing child mortality. Voluntary family planning is an important tool to end extreme poverty once and for all.

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