Population Connection In the News

Population growth conversation continues — article about one of John Seager’s speaking engagements

Gag rule shows disregard to women — LTE by Rebecca Harrington

Population Connection Announces Winners of “World of 7 Billion” International Student Video Contest

ProMosaik interview with John Seager

Trump’s Global Gag Rule (letter to the editor of The New York Times by Rebecca Harrington, National Field Director)

Women’s Health at Risk (letter to the editor of The New York Times by John Seager, President and CEO)

You don’t have to make abortion illegal, you can just make it inaccessible. (letter to the editor of USA Today by Brian Dixon, SVP for Media and Government Relations)

Here’s When Americans Really Started to Panic About Overpopulation


Solving the Global Reproductive Care Crisis Means Solving the Funding Crisis

Should The U.S. Reconsider Its Stand On Foreign Aid For Abortion Clinics?

When It Comes To Rape, Americans Soften Abortion Stance

Refinery29: We’re streaming LIVE from the steps of the Supreme Court at the #StopTheSham rally to protect abortion access. (our staff is interviewed at 47:30)

Supreme Court Appears Sharply Divided as It Hears Texas Abortion Case (our sign and staff are on the right)

Zika is a Reproductive Rights Issue

U.S. Aid for Abortions for Women With Zika

How Zika became a women’s problem

J. Joseph Speidel and Sarah Raifman: Investment needed in family planning to stabilize climate, decrease poverty

The rise of humankind, in one mesmerizing map

How the world went from 170 million people to 7.3 billion, in one map

Watch the world population grow in under six minutes

How The U.S. Contributes To 47,000 Women’s Deaths A Year

‘They’re learning and they don’t even know it’

Letter to the Editor by Brian Dixon

Women in Crisis: Reproductive Rights Discussion

‘ISIS uses rape as a weapon of war’ Activist speaks at UNH about women in crisis

Asia Faces Fertility Crisis

“Virginia Farming” PBS Video (the student video PSA contest segment runs from minutes 6:25-9:15)

Broadneck students’ video aims to stop mass extinction

Recycle & Reuse: There are more than seven billion of us on the planet

Popular Science Radio interview

In Honor Of World Population Day, Here Are Some Facts About Texas’ Population

Top 5 Inventions That Changed Population History

How Scientific Inventions Sparked Population Explosion

How Zero Population Growth Works

The GOP War on Poor Women’s Health

Piedmont: PHS students excel in global contest with video

“World of 7 Billion” Videos Find Planet-Saving Solutions

Student took honours in “World of 7 Billion” video competition

Coppell High School seniors win awards in international video contest

Broadneck students’ winning video carries an environmental warning

Coppell students take first place in video contest

‘World of 7 Billion’ Video Contest Finds Solutions for Our Overcrowded Planet

Birth Control and the Human-Wildlife Connection

Invest in Pa.’s precious resource — children

DU students join 200 activists for Capitol Hill Days

ASU students visit Capitol Hill to lobby contraceptives

Students take part in Capitol Hill Days

UCSD Students Attend Lobbying Event in Washington, D.C.

Abortion rights group seeks end to ‘Gag Rule’

22 Reproductive Rights Activists Explain In Their Own Words Why They’re Fighting

GOP and Iranian Hardliners—Comrades Against Women’s Health?

Graphic map shows the history of human population growth

Unsafe abortions kill 47,000 worldwide as US politics interfere with lifesaving efforts

42 years after Roe v. Wade, unsafe abortion kills 47,000 worldwide: John Seager (opinion)

Another Voice: Unsafe abortions kill 47,000 women worldwide each year

GOP Congress Threatens Overseas Family Planning

United States and China Announce Landmark Climate Change Deal on Carbon Emissions

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