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For more information and guidance on how you can get involved as a volunteer activist with Population Connection, please contact our Member Relations Coordinators directly:

Maeve Doolittle
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Heaven Edwards
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Resources and Materials


Interested in writing letters to the editor of your local paper? Or trying to spark a discussion on social media? Get started with our Regional Media Guide!

Do you know of a great community board? Would you like to share the connections between so many global issues at a table, farmers market, or other local event? Print this flyer and post or distribute it to help others understand the connection!

Help those interested in more facts outlining how rapid population growth is linked to environmental destruction and the degradation of human rights around the world with this simple, informative fact sheet. 



Are you more interested in the environmental impacts of rapid population growth, or participating in a more environmentally-oriented event? If so, you can distribute this flier outlining five ways our planet is impacted by human population growth. 

(These fliers can be printed two to a page and cut in half to save paper)

Meet the Member Engagement Team

Heaven Edwards

Heaven first became an activist by mobilizing communities throughout California to ban fracking, a technique of natural resource extraction that was developed to meet the needs of a growing population with devastating consumption patterns. From going door to door to waving down people in the streets, Heaven can talk politics to nearly anyone. She made the population connection while studying development in Ghana. She loves children, but saw firsthand the impact that large families has on the life goals of women who aren’t using modern contraceptives. Supporting our members allows Heaven to utilize her experience with activism while continuing the fight for a more sustainable planet.

Maeve Doolittle

Growing up in Philadelphia, Maeve saw firsthand that not every child receives a quality education. She was empowered to take things into her own hands and make a difference in her local community. While in college, she recruited potential future educators to teach and improve schools in low-income areas. Maeve made the population connection in college when she did research on the relationship between the amount of education a woman receives and how many children she chooses to have. Maeve brings her experience in recruitment to support and empower our members to be activists in a way that is comfortable for them.

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