Zubik vs. Burwell, i.e. The Religious Right vs. Women's Health

Imagine having debilitating pain and heavy bleeding that prevent you from going to work or school every month. Imagine being a survivor of sexual assault without access to emergency contraception. Imagine being an undocumented immigrant who cannot even visit a doctor if she faces any of these difficulties. Imagine being a low-income woman who cannot […]

Despite challenges, Nepal makes bold strides in abortion rights

Shreejana Bajracharya is a 28 year old reproductive rights activist from Nepal. When she is not attending classes to finish up her Master’s degree in gender studies, Bajracharya works with Asia Safe Abortion Partnership and Marie Stopes International in Nepal to increase women’s access to reproductive services including abortion. On a daily basis, she meets with […]

Hundreds Advocate for International Family Planning on Capitol Hill

200 students, activists, and Population Connection and Population Connection Action Fund supporters joined Capitol Hill Days 2016 this past weekend to advocate for accessible family planning for women around the world. Brought together by their collective passion for reproductive health and rights, participants at the annual event came from 26 states plus the District of […]

Access to family planning is a human right

This week, women from around the country joined the White House at The United State of Women Summit to celebrate our strides towards gender equality. While we come together and look at what our work as advocates and institutions has accomplished here at home, we must not forget the millions of women around the world […]

The Helms Amendment: A Response to Roe v. Wade

In the December 2015 issue of our magazine, we looked at the hostile Helms Amendment to the Foreign Assistance Act, passed in 1973. Named for its sponsor, the mean-spirited Sen. Jesse Helms (R-NC), the Helms Amendment prevents USAID from funding safe abortion overseas as a method of family planning. However, it is interpreted as an […]

International Day for Maternal Health and Rights is long overdue

We join with dozens of global organizations in demanding that the United Nations recognize April 11th as International Day for Maternal Health and Rights. Why? Well…. Maternal mortality rates around the world are still staggering. Every day, more than 800 women die due to mostly preventable pregnancy and childbirth complications. Unsafe abortions account for 13 […]

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